Saturday, February 27, 2016

Dramatic Play in Kindergarten

This year I wanted to make a change in my classroom.  I actually made several, but my favorite was adding a dramatic play center (with purpose) back in.  I used to HATE my dramatic play.  It was a kitchen and NEVER changed.  It would end with me asking barking at the kids to pick everything up and put it in the right basket.  I was determined to make a change this year.  The first step for me was making a schedule... checking to see what would work with my reading series units.  

Most of the units were fairly easy to match up with a play center. but I have tons of extra ideas if I need them.

Our reading series has three week units so I planned on changing things out every three weeks.  A few of them only lent themselves to staying for a week or two but I was okay with that as long as the prep was minimal for those.  I also knew that the prep would be more for the centers I wanted to stay out for all three weeks.  I have found lots of sets on Teachers Pay Teachers (thank you Pocket of Preschool!) that have been VERY helpful in some of my set ups. I'll be honest, there have been a few times this year (including my current pet store!) that have taken the whole first week to set up.  So this just means they stay up for the remaining two weeks.  

Most weeks my students will visit during centers two days per week for three weeks.  My goal for this year was to incorporate a writing element into each center... let's just say there's some LOTS of room for improvement on this one! 

I've also been really bad at taking pictures of dramatic play this year so I'll add that to the list of goals for next year as well. :) I am planning on doing a post later in the year of all of my dramatic play centers so stay tuned to see those! 

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